Service Relocation, Amsterdam

IT relocations ask for extra care. You need to be precise. We call this way of working 'White glove delivery'. This delivery means that the relocation is been done dust and dirt free. Every small piece of dirt or dust could interrupt your service its process. Luckily we know how to handle that!

The delivery that needs extra care!

Key Tasks
  • Unracking
  • Labeling
  • Re-racking
  • Packing
  • Moving
Computerkast bj Bit
How we did it

ULSI in this case was responsible for the unracking and re-racking of the servers. We do this by minimizing downtime for your company. We could work flexibly to relocate after working hours. With this task, we label all devices so the team knows how to replace the devices at the right spots. And to not forget packaging, this needs to be done so no dust or dirt could enter any device at any moment. This made ULSI complete yet another good service relocation.

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