Our goal is to understand your business. By getting to know your industry, we can execute the best services and solutions. Discover the industries we proudly work with.
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Whether you need a valuable item to be transported oversees, a retail roll out in a new country, a refurbishment of a luxury hotel or executing an interior design project from A to Z, ULSI is your partner along the way. Combining our knowledge and years of experience with creativity, we provide you with the flexibility and assurance you need.

  • Our services are completely flexible and tailor-made
  • A single point of contact
  • Knowledge and experience in many industries within different companies

Combining our knowledge of your industry with our experience in managing complex logistic situations is what really creates a ‘logistic masterpiece’.

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Moving and relocating IT equipment (such as servers, desktops or other equipment) is complex. That is why we take it very seriously.


Managing a build or renovation of a hotel, restaurant or resort can be complex. ULSI provides the assistance you need, all in time for the grand opening!


Timing and precise execution are crucial in every retail project. Let ULSI take these worries away: from internal pick-ups and delivery to dock-to-dock services. 

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Interior design

Let us take care of your logistics, so you can spend all your time on doing what you love most: creating aesthetic designs.

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A nice workplace increases your employee's satisfaction. Therefore we understand the carefulness that is needed by office relocations.

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Custom logistics

Some belongings or goods have such a (personal) value that they need special attention. Let us give them the treatment they deserve.

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Our services adopt to your needs!

These are the industries we have proudly worked for in the past. But, we don’t shy away from a challenge. Are you in a search for a logistics project in another industry? Let us explore what we can do for you in order to make it a logistic masterpiece.

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