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A logistic masterpiece

That is what we stand for. ULSI offers since 2012 as part of the Voerman Group a variety of complex logistical and installation solutions for companies and individuals either national or international. Your difficulty is our challenge. We have completed several large to small-scale installations and transportation for Hotels, Interior Designers, Retailers, Restaurants, IT-hardware suppliers, High-society customers, offices relocating, and new installations. We ensure detailed custom services for every inquiry. With the wide range of networks we have at ULSI, we can make your challenge a success!

A logistic History

When the Voerman Group started to receive more inquiries for specialized logistical services the decision had to be made. We needed a new division. ULSI was born in 2012 quickly afterward ULSI’s network started to grow. With all of the experience already at ULSI in 2012, we found our way into the project-based services. Over the past years, we have shown that no project is outside of our reach, and with great teamwork, we will continue that way.

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A logistic Future

ULSI embraces the mission of continuous adaptation. As a company, it is crucial to respond to the demands of a rapidly shifting environment. ULSI rises to the occasion, consistently delivering what is sought after in today's dynamic market. We introduce innovative approaches, such as sustainable transportation methods, eco-friendly packaging, and advanced warehousing practices, to align with industry trends. At ULSI, our commitment to improvement sends us forward. This extends to our valued partnerships, as we collaborate closely with our clients to gain mutual growth and success.

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