Privacy policy

In order to carry out your relocation, we need to collect certain personal information concerning yourself, those that accompany you on your relocation, your residence and your belongings. This information may be provided by your employer (if your employer is the booker of your relocation) or will be requested from yourself.

The collection and use of your personal data is subject to the EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). The ULSI Group, consisting of Ulsi International B.V., United Logistic Services B.V., Eurohome Relocation Services B.V., Transpack Shipping Services, Relo Insurance, Ulsi Russia and Ulsi Czech, have strict rules for the collection, storage, protection and release of your personal data:

It may be that the origin or destination of your removal lies in a country that has no proper data protection regime as identified in the GDPR. In that case, the ULSI Group is legally allowed to share this information with parties involved to ensure the effectuation of your removal.

For inquiries you may contact:

ULSI Group, attn René Postma (ULSI Group Quality Manager)
Wolga 12, 2491 BJ, The Hague, The Netherlands
+31 (0) 70 301 1337

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Voerman Information Privacy Notice

Privacy Policy use of our website

ULSI values your visit to our internet site. We would like you to understand what we will do with the personal data you provide when you subscribe to our digital magazine or our press release service or respond to a job vacancy on our website.

Your personal data, including your email address, will be used only in the following ways:

Saving data

ULSI will treat the data in accordance with applicable legislation and regulations. ULSI will save some data in a file when you use certain parts of the site. This is necessary for you to visit those parts of the site.

Before you go to a particular part of the site, we will ask your permission to save and use the data necessary for that page. Giving your permission will provide you access to that page of the site. By giving us your permission to use your data for a particular page, you also give us permission to reuse the data necessary for that page. ULSI will use your personal data only in accordance with your permission.

Cookies are text files that the browser ‘remembers’ and stores on your PC when you visit an internet site. With the aid of cookies, the website remembers certain information so that you do not have to retype it every time you log on. Ulsi’s cookies contain only information that is applicable for a Ulsi website and that increases the ease of use.

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If ULSI makes any changes to its privacy and information protection policies; you have a right to be informed. If we update the policy, we will inform you by means of hyperlinks on this page. You will therefore always be able to follow our privacy policy