Marcel Wanders – Hospitality


Marcel Wanders  –  Andaz Hyatt Hotel

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • 122 luxury design rooms
  • 2 month full time deliveries

Whether your hospitality logistics service needs are in a single market, regional, national or international, ULSI can organize and manage furnishings, fixtures and equipment as well as supplies. We have the experience and resources to turnkey manage the job.

At ULSI we understand our customers, listening attentively to their needs and requirements. What they want is a provider that not only transports the goods but also, and more importantly, gives them a competitive edge by employing logistics solutions specifically tailored to the requirements of their projects. Many well-known hospitality, purchasing and installation companies have used the services of ULSI to gain such a business edge. In a single market, a region or any country in any part of the world, USLI has the experience and resources to enable you to concentrate on your core business.

So whether you are building or renovating a hotel, restaurant, resort or furnished apartments, consider ULSI to partner your next project. Our extensive network of transport and storage specialists offers storage and consolidation services throughout the world – as close as possible to your own location, saving you time and money as well as shortening response times. ULSI is active globally and handles a wide range of transport services worldwide, with its own offices in Moscow, Prague, Warsaw and The Hague.

The ULSI team can help you organize:

  • Air, road and sea freight
  • Consolidation

Client: Marcel Wanders

Date: October 21, 2015

Tags: hospitality, interior

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